The Best Eating Tricks I’ve Tried – Unusual Weight Loss Tips

I have tried a lot of weight loss tips. I am somewhat of an inventor and have therefore experimented a lot with finding new solutions to this challenge, that many people are dealing with. I am going to share a list of weight loss tips that I’ve tried and also tell you how they have affected me. The viewpoint I am using will give you a better understanding of these weight loss tips because you may be able to relate to my experiences. I will rate the techniques I mention from a scale of 1-10 (10 = the best) according to how good I experienced them to be. Here are the best eating tricks I have tried out of many weight loss tips I have tried. These are tips you can easily ad to the tips on how to lose weight in a week.

#1 Weight loss Tips – Learn to Stop Eating When You Are Full

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Learn how to stop eating!

Binge eaters are among the people who often have the most difficultywithlosing weight. The force that is driving them to eat, is a lot stronger than their logic to stop. Only when they feel totally stuffed do they finally manage to make the decision to stop easting.

Today I was put into a situation where delicious food was served for me for free. Since I am writing this blog, I decided to investigate how I felt when I was deciding to stop eating. I noticed that several times I fake-decided to myself that I was going to stop eating. Since I didn’t decide for real, a feeling of anxiousness started to grow in my stomach. The picture of the delicious food also popped up into my mind very often.  It was obvious that I would eat more of the food within a few minutes. Once I had done a few rounds of faking-deciding, I did finally make the real decision. I was a bit angry with myself at that point. When I truly decided to stop eating, I felt that the anxious feeling in my stomach disappeared.

What can we conclude from this experiment? We can say that people often postpone (either consciously or unconsciously) making the real decision to stop eating. Since I was aware of this phenomenon, I decided to practice taking only the real decisions from then on. I have practiced a while and feel my emotional eating habits have improved very much. This is a very hard trick to master, but if you master it you won’t have a hard time losing weight. Therefore I give this tip a grade of 9.5

#2 Weight loss tips – Learn how to listen to your body instead of doing things by habit

weight loss tips

Stop following traditional eating times

Earlier I ate my meals by habit three times a day, even though I wasn’t hungry. Just because my family had the tradition to eat lunch at 12 am, I eat a normal lunch size at that time, even though I might not feel hungry. What I want you to do is to let your body make the rules of WHEN to eat. If you get up at 11, then you may decide to wait to eat lunch until you are enough hungry for a normal lunch size OR eat a smaller snack instead of a lunch. This may seem obvious to some, but I had problems of letting go of the rules, so this was a problem for me. If you have the same problem as  I had, I really recommend this tip. Therefore I give it a grade 9.5

#3 Weight loss tips – Postpone eating your food for 5-10 minutes and do something else

When I notice I feel very hyper-interested to eat some food, I know I have to take away that feeling before I start eating or otherwize I’ll eat double the amount I need. I go to the fridge and get out what I am about to eat but then before eating I stop and say to myself: “How about I wait just 5 minutes more before eating and do something else. I will be able to eat this later and I don’t have to eat it RIGHT NOW”. I then go and do something else (write a couple of emails for instance). While I am doing something else, the hyper feeling slowly diminishes and I feel I don’t have to eat the food as soon as I wanted earlier. Now I also feel I don’t have to eat as much eather. I am playing with my patience and feelings here. In the end when I’ve postponed eating something several times I feel like I don’t even want to eat what I had planned and notice I’m not really hungry at all and sortof unconsciously tricked myself to feel hungry earlier. You should try this and see how your mood changes during the break. This technique has worked really well for me so I am going to give it the grade 9,5.

#4 Weight loss tips – Eat The Tastiest Food First and Leave The Boring Food till Last

Earlier when I ate a meal I’d always start with the least tasty food on my plate, so that I would be able to save the best food till last.  This caused a problem though… Since I was eating the tastiest food last, my excitement was at it’s highest when I finished my meal. This caused a disaster: I took another serving even though I was full.

Even though you love eating and want your eating experience to last as long as possible, I want you to aim to be bored at the end of your meal. This will make you notice your fullness at the right time.

If you measure your fullness on a scale of 0-10 (0=super hungry, 10=totally stuff) you want to stop eating when you reach a 7 during your regular meals. You will become blind to this fullness scale if you are too excited at the end of your meal. To help you finish at the right time I want you to therefore begin by eating the food that you desire the most. For me this has always been the meat and the sauce. After that I would start with the potatoes and the best parts of the salad for example tomatoes. When I come to the last parts of the potatoes and the tasteless lettuce scraps, I feel I can’t be bothered to eat the rest because I am already full and don’t need more food anyway. This is one of my favourite weight loss tips that I recommend you try. This tip gets a grade of 9.

#5 Weight loss tips – Replace several meals with soups and porridges.

weight loss tips
Choose low-fat soups – weight loss tips

This trick is one of my fast weight loss tips. It has been researched that a person feels fuller for longer after these types of meals. These meals can make you feel warm and comfortable after eating them. I once went on a raw food diet and I can tell you that that diet wasn’t much fun at all. I was freezing all the time and it felt like I wasn’t eating at all. Another good thing about porridge is that it doesn’t contain many calories! The same goes for soups, if you leave out the extra fat (skip the frying part), then this meal won’t contain many calories. This tip gets a grade 9.

#6 Weight loss tips – Practice to throw away food from your plate

When I was a child, my parents always told me to eat everything that they served on my plate. In my teens I was encouraged to eat as much as possible especially if I’d get food for free or at a cheap price (for instance during buffets). Our family wasn’t very rich and this was therefore a way for us to save money. These habits may have seemed good in the short run, but it put me into a mental trap later on when I wanted to lose weight. When these habits and diets got combined, it resulted in me getting a binge eating disorder!

This is an example of how it could go: During three days I would control myself to eat less than normal. During that time, my old needs to finish my plate and to eat as much as possible built strong emotions (anxiety) in me. Those emotions would build up with time. On the fourth day of my diet, the pressure would become too much, so I’d then decide to forget about the whole weight loss thing and eat as much as I wanted. I’d then eat much more than a normal portion size and this would make me feel very guilty. That guilt would in return, cause me do the same thing all over again.

weight loss tips
Learn how to throw food away – weight loss tips

I started to search for a solution to this problem. The best thing that I came across was to practice letting go of the old rules, I had built up during my childhood and teens. I decided that I should force myself to throw away about 1/6 of the food served on my plate for practice sake.  I started to throw away this amount from every meal I ate.

Earlier I placed huge value on food, but then when I saw the food being thrown away, my values changed. I finally let go of the feeling that the food HAS to be eaten. The food lost it’s value in my eyes when I saw it fall into the rubbish bin. It wasn’t easy to practice it – quite a mental debate to go through – but once I had practiced this for a while, I noticed some great improvements in my emotional eating habits.  I was now able to stop myself from eating more when I reached a comfortable fullness level. I could now wake up from the binging phase, before the damage was done.

This is a trick that really makes a change once you master it.The difficult thing about this technique is that food gets wasted. On the other hand, just think of it like this,either you eat the food and it turns into fat on your body.Or the extra food would get wasted into the bin and therefore frees you from having to take the punishment of gaining weight. Another con is that some people might get offended if you leave food on the plate. They might think you didn’t like the food that they served. Don’t feel bad. Say that it was delicious but you are full now.

This is one of the weight loss tips that help you develop a good mindset. For this reason I recommend you to try this trick out as soon as possible. This technique is also very useful for those who are struggling with binge eating. I give technique a grade 9.

#7 Weight loss tips – Make It Harder to Access Food

At one point I got really angry at myself for eating too many cashew nuts from a bowel nearby. I ate them without thinking. To fix this problem, I decided to make it more difficult for me to access them. I put the bag of nuts in a box which I then put in a bigger box. I then placed the big box on the top kitchen shelf that I would only be able to access if I pulled out a stool to stand on. The rules I set for myself were:  I have the freedom to go as many times as I want to eat these cashew nuts, but I am only allowed to take three cashews at once. By having these rules and this setup, I finally lost interest in eating those cashew nuts. I felt it was just too hard work to get the prize. By allowing myself the freedom of fetching cashew nuts as many times as I wanted, I didn’t feel restricted or as if I was giving up anything. That stopped me getting strong feelings to binge.  This is one of the fast weight loss tips I use quite often. I give this a grade of 8

#8 Weight loss tips – Learn How to Like the Feeling of Hunger

If you want to lose weight, you will have to deal with feeling hungry often. I know this feeling isn’t pleasant, but I managed to manipulate myself to feel content with this feeling. I said to myself that when I feel hungry, I will be losing weight and will therefore be a step closer to achieving my goals. Normally anxiousness grows in one’s tummy when one feels hungry. I want you to mentally try to imagine yourself taking out that feeling with your hand. The ability to be ok with feeling hungry will help you a lot in your weight loss challenge. This technique is therefore another of the weight loss tips that I highly recommend! I give it a grade of 8.5

weight loss tips

#9 Weight loss tips – Take Smaller Bites and Eat Slower

I tried this some time ago. The good thing about it is that once I got used to it, I was able to control the amount of food I ate a lot more easily and it was therefore easy for me to deal with how to stop binge eating. This technique made me eat slower, taught me to get satisfied with less and it helped me notice when I had reached my full point (and not my stuffed point) sooner.This made it easier to stop eating when I had eaten enough. It took maybe a month for me to get used to this technique because I was used to eating really fast before this.

Once I got into the habit, I even felt disgusted when I thought about how fast I ate and what big mouthfuls I ate earlier. There are some negative sides of this technique though. The slowness I learnt to have in my eating habits was contagious. I started living a slower lifestyle, speaking slower, thinking slower and doing stuff slower. Since my friends didn’t have a slow theme going on as I did, it was a bit uncomfortable for them and for me to hang out with each other. If you decide to try this tip, I suggest you don’t be as dramatic as I was, because then your social life might get badly affected. The overall rating I have for this tip is a grade 8 though because it did give me the control I was searching for.

#10 Weight loss tips – Drink Two Glasses of Water Before Every Meal

By doing this, I wasn’t able to eat as much as I had earlier, because my tummy was already half full with water when I began to eat. This was one of the weight loss tips that prevented me from gulping in food too fast.

On the other hand this technique can be very dangerous if it is not done with caution. If you drink too much water per day you could end up damaging your body and in severe cases even die! Water intoxication can be prevented if a person’s intake of water does not grossly exceed his or her losses. If a person’s amount of water in the body is hugely (and unnaturally) unbalanced, compared to the electrolytes in the body, the body will be harmed. The first symptoms you would feel in such a case would be nausea, weakness and tiredness. If you decide to drink some water before eating, keep in mind to never overdo it.

weight loss tips
Drink water before meals – weight loss tips

Another negative thing about this trick is that you have to go to the toilet very often. When I was trying this technique out, I got used to going to the toilet often even if I wasn’t ready to go. On the other hand, if you manage keep your water balance under control, this tip could be a very good one because is healthy for the body to get enough water.

Out of my weight loss tips this trick is not recommended if you if you easily get addicted to new habits. For me this trick worked quite well and I therefore give it a grade 7.

#11 Weight loss tips – Look at Your Food From a Different Perspective

Next time when you are eating, stop yourself in the middle of it and notice what kind of gaze you have with your eyes. I did this some time ago and observed the perspective I had of the food I was eating. If I was eating some lasagne, I would then see my food as “some lasagne”. I stereotyped the food. I decided to change the perspective of my food to “This specific piece of lasagne

weight loss tips

that I made out of these ingredients”. I gave my food a unique value. Once I did this I noticed some changes in my behaviour. Since I now thought of every piece of food being unique and having its own value, I felt there wasn’t any need to gulf down as much as earlier. Among my weight loss tips, this one is slightly connected to the next tip. Try it and you’ll notice what I mean. I give this tip a grade of 7.

#12 Weight loss tips  – Pretend you are eating something disgusting

Once I ate too much of the same food because I just loved it too much. It is not healthy to do this, because your body needs nutrients from a balanced diet.  To help me let go of the love I had for that food, I just pretended to eat something really disgusting as I ate it. It took some practice, but it did notice a difference. I wasn’t overly excited anymore about having specifically that food and that made me vary my diet more.

This tip is somewhat related to the tip: look at your food from a different perspective. Once you convince yourself you are eating something disgusting, you lose your hypnotic gaze from the food and look at your food with different eyes. For me this didn’t have a major effect though, so that is why I give this technique a grade of 6.

I hope you enjoyed my weight loss tips and have learnt something from them! I might post more tips onto this post later, so come back if you thought this was interesting!

Thank you for reading my weight loss tips!

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